Accelerate Technology to Market

As a small contract research organization, we accelerate your technology’s progress with a biotechnology development process you can trust. Our solutions are customized to your fit your needs with collaborative project planning and laboratory services supported by our diverse and knowledgeable team. Biotech companies often need world-class collaborators, and we’re with you every step of the way.

With our business model you can feel safe with your intellectual property. We are not interested in our clients’ IP or use “equity stake” language in any of our agreements. We are only interested in the mutually agreed contracted R&D work. Through our research support, we have helped clients qualify and secure IPO’s, Licensing, and Series Funding.


Scientific Collaboration

InfinixBio works with Entrepreneurs, Biotechnology Companies, Biotech Incubators, and Investors to advance technology from concept to reality, making your existing product work better, or adapting your product to meet unmet or even unarticulated market needs. As a collaborative partner, our goal is making your product commercially successful.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as working hard to see our clients reach their goals.

“Being Challenged In Life Is Inevitable, Being Defeated Is Optional.”
– Roger Crawford

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Being located in two university towns in Ohio has advantages such as access to a wide range of expertise, equipment, and opportunities.