The complexity of cell biology can be daunting.

We navigate the challenge with you to help commercialize your technology.

Throughout the product development cycle we deliver high quality results you can depend on. With technical skills and critical review you can trust we help you reach your goals with comprehensive cell biology laboratory services customized for your needs.

What Our Cell Biologists Can Do

InfinixBio’s diverse team of scientists has expertise working with early-stage therapeutics and diagnostics, human diseases, stem cells, developmental biology and molecular biology.

Our scientific insights let us solve tough problems in cell biology including:

Mammalian Cell Culture/Engineering

  • Stable cell line development
  • Primary cell culture
  • Expression systems
  • CRISPR gene editing, knockouts and knock-in
  • RNA therapeutics
  • Cell signaling and reporter systems
  • Complex cell function activation

Cell Function Analysis

  • Cytokine expression and receptor activation
  • Single Cell analysis by confocal or fluorescence microscopy
  • Cell viability assays
  • Cytotoxicity studies
  • FACS and ELISpot assays
  • FISH technology
  • Custom tissue staining
  • Evaluation/monitor cancer immunotherapy
  • Personalized medicine support

We’ll assemble a team of scientists to advance your biotechnology.

Some of the areas we’ve proven our ability to accelerate development include:

Cell Engineering

To develop a biosensor, we took a T cell and engineered the T cell receptor to create a universal detector. This technology was used to make a reporter system to detect and quantify important targets.

Cancer Immunotherapy

In support of a clinical trial, we analyzed patient cell production of key cytokines. We also established cell proliferation assays and FACS analysis of cell surface markers to demonstrate effective tumor cell killing by the novel therapeutic.

Personalized Medicine

Our understanding of companion diagnostics can aid in selecting which patients are best suited for Phase III trials.

Biomarker Analysis

Using activated immune cells, we measured the ability of these cells to make key cell signaling molecules. These results advanced the project to its next stage.

Functional Analysis

Using cells from the immune system we demonstrated proliferation and differentiation of activated cytotoxic T cells. This enables the analysis of killing patient-specific tumor cells.


About InfinixBio

InfinixBio works with Entrepreneurs, Biotechnology Companies, Biotech Incubators and Investors to advance technology from concept to reality, making your product work better, or adapting your product to meet unmet or even unarticulated market needs. As a collaborative partner, our goal is making your product prosper.

In an ever-challenging marketplace, different situations call for flexible solutions and InfinixBio can provide the personnel and tools you need to succeed!

The InfinixBio team of experienced scientists provides deep domain expertise in genes, proteins and cells that delivers creative solutions to a variety of difficult problems in Biotechnology product development. We have locations in Columbus and Athens Ohio with over 25 scientists (27% PhDs) operating in our labs.

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