We collaborate with you to develop therapeutic and medical technology aimed at solving challenges like cancer, disease detection, autoimmunity, allergies, infectious diseases and other metabolic, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders. Our team of scientists also support clients focused on antibody and vaccine development.

We help develop products in diverse areas of immunology including:

  • Cancer immunotherapy
  • Detection systems
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Allergies
  • Immune modulation
  • Antibody technology
  • Vaccines
  • Medical devices
  • Antibody technology

Applying our commercialization experience and strong immunology background, we’ll partner with you to solve significant immunology-related health issues.

We apply a combination of immunology-based techniques to facilitate the progress of new diagnostics and treatments to manage a wide array of diseases.

We have the expertise to support different aspects of immunology product development including: gene therapy, cytokines, checkpoint inhibitors, cancer vaccines, adjuvants,  and tumor-infecting viruses. Our scientists are also knowledgeable in applying other techniques like immune checkpoint therapy and adoptive cell transfer. We also develop high-quality antibodies to use in targeted therapy

What we do

  • Develop cancer immunotherapy products 
  • Develop diagnostic tools for cancer, autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases
  • Collaborate  to develop products for allergic diseases
  • Support development of cancer vaccines

How we do it

  • Develop high quality antibodies
  • Cell proliferation assays
  • Optimizing for tumor antigens
  • Ex vivo analysis
  • Cell growth inhibition assays
  • Cell activation assays
  • Immuno stimulation analysis (cytokine release assays) 

What we’ve done

We’ve proven our ability to expertly develop products and commercialize technology. Our collaborative approach keeps you informed and your project on track.

Some examples of immunology products we’ve helped develop include:

Diagnostic for detection of autoimmune disease

We used our immunology expertise to develop a sensitive diagnostic test based on detecting the presence of autoimmune antibody is serum.

Antibody engineering for CAR-T

We optimized an adaptable CAR-T therapy system shown to target tumor cells based on the rapid detection of surface antigens. We established cell proliferation assays and FACS analysis of cell surface markers to demonstrate effective tumor cell killing by the novel therapeutic.

Support Clinical Trials

Developed in vitro assays to demonstrate dendritic cell potency and quantified the activation of cytotoxic T cells using patient-derived antigen-presenting cells and peripheral blood mononuclear cells in order to support Phase II Clinical Trials.

Method development for tumor imaging molecules

Controlling the serum half-life was key for custom F(ab) molecules and diabodies that we prepared for use in tumor imaging studies. These antibody fragments were specifically labeled with proprietary PEGs to precisely regulate the clearance rate in vivo. These conjugates were then used for successful tumor imaging studies.

About InfinixBio

InfinixBio works with Entrepreneurs, Biotechnology Companies, Biotech Incubators, and Investors to advance technology from concept to reality, making your product work better, or adapting your product to meet unmet or even unarticulated market needs. As a collaborative partner, our goal is making your product prosper.

In an ever-challenging marketplace, different situations call for flexible solutions and InfinixBio can provide the personnel and tools you need to succeed!

The InfinixBio team of experienced scientists provides deep domain expertise in genes, proteins, and cells that delivers creative solutions to a variety of difficult problems in Biotechnology product development. We have locations in Columbus and Athens Ohio with over 25 scientists (27% PhDs) operating in our labs.

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