Our collaborative laboratory services do more than generate data.

We do the science and help you turn your technology into a product. We are designed for scientific collaboration as an outsourced R&D partner, for preclinical product, assay and drug development.

There is a distinction between just doing a job and moving you closer to your goals.

There are companies who will synthesize or sequence DNA. We’re not them, but we complement those services.

We meet challenging objectives that require expert understanding and experienced problem solving.

What can we help you with?


Do you need a complex vector?

We’ll design it.

Other companies will take your gene and put it into a stock vector, but we go the extra mile and customize the system to improve performance.

Do you need a novel protein with unique function?

We’ll engineer it.

We’ll customize the gene and produce the protein. If you need a specific function, we’ll figure out how to make it work, whereas most other companies expect you to already know.

Do you need a cell that can perform a novel function?

We’ll make it.

We genetically modify cells to produce cell lines with novel or enhanced metabolisms and valuable capabilities.

Do you need project planning?

We’re with you every step of the way.

Our proven biotech development process gives you a flexible and cost-effective way to advance your technology. Through our scientific support, we’ve helped clients capture more than $800 million in value.


We’re not just giving you reagents.

We provide functional systems and products for what you really need to do:

Bring your technology to market.

To do this, we assemble a dedicated team tailored to your needs from our pool of 25+ scientists.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Gene design
  • Chromosome engineering/CRISPR
  • Bacterial strain genetic engineering
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Synthetic biology
  • Antibiotic free systems

  • Vector optimization
  • Protein expression optimization
  • Protein design/structure optimization
  • DNA Origami
  • DNA/RNA nanostructure analysis
  • PCR (RT-PCR, qPCR)


We don’t give you the pieces, we help you put the puzzle together.

We don’t just give you a gene, we work to solve your problems and commercialize your technology.

For a no obligation consultation, contact us today.

About InfinixBio

InfinixBio works with Entrepreneurs, Biotechnology Companies, Biotech Incubators and Investors to advance technology from concept to reality, making your product work better, or adapting your product to meet unmet or even unarticulated market needs. As a collaborative partner, our goal is making your product prosper.

In an ever-challenging marketplace, different situations call for flexible solutions and here at InfinixBio we can provide the personnel and tools you need to succeed!

The InfinixBio team of experienced scientists provides deep domain expertise in genes, proteins and cells that delivers creative solutions to a variety of difficult problems in Biotechnology product development. We have locations in Columbus and Athens Ohio with over 25 scientists (15 Ph.Ds) operating in our labs.

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