InfinixBio can serve you in the following ways, depending on your business and needs.

Develop products from new technology

Early in the Discovery Phase InfinixBio Solutions can be collaboratively tailored to your specific project requirements to help meet commercialization goals, supported by our knowledgeable and diverse team.

The next phase of funding or the next investor support will be awarded by the demonstration of progress and the presentation of compelling data. That’s where a partnership with InfinixBio gives you the advantage.

InfinixBio rapidly accelerates technology down the commercialization pathway by surrounding ourselves with world-class talent and all the necessary biotech infrastructure. No need to spend your precious funding dollars on space, equipment, or personnel.

Whatever your needs, we’re flexible and can design new processes and provide commercialization insights. That means more focused and efficient studies in the product development phase to meet relevant regulatory guidelines and improve commercial success.

Let’s start by analyzing the problem and determining feasibility.

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InfinixBio can get you there. We solve complex problems in each of the discovery, product development, and commercialization phases.

Improve Existing Technologies

Making bioproducts work better takes a deeper understanding of all aspects of the product in order to increase areas like yield, stability, and precision while decreasing others like turnaround time and COGs.

This is accomplished by working together with you to identify and close gaps in order to streamline your process and product requirements through the complete product development cycle.

InfinixBio helps companies like yours protect their investments and grow into existing markets by making their products perform better. The best way to compete with others is to constantly be competing against the current version of yourself.

We start by identifying your needs and building an action plan addressing those needs and then execute against the agreed technology development pathway.

By keeping firmly in mind your commercial goals, the InfinixBio team will stay in direct communication throughout your project. The PhD team leader will provide data-driven progress reports and observations where further improvements might be implemented.

Core Capabilities

Helping you improve your products and succeed in the market is our priority.

Create New Market Opportunities

Creating new markets, from idea to product.

With our extensive industry experience and through close collaboration with our clients we find that the more questions we ask, the more opportunity and expanded applications are possible.

The most satisfying business experiences come from helping a client realize a new market opportunity, through design or discovery.

Creating value in the market can be and has been achieved by leveraging our core capabilities on your behalf and providing InfinixBio’s full-service solutions. We will never lose sight of your goal during our collaboration and our focus will include accomplishing the project in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Whether you are in the food industry or cancer therapeutics, infectious disease diagnostics or the oil and gas industry, we can adapt existing products to serve current markets and/or capture new ones.

Depending on your unique needs, we pair state-of-the-art technology with your business proposition to create value. We analyze the problem and create a better solution in order to capture ROI and find the best commercialization pathway.

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